Cafe Noah, 93 Ahad Ha’am Street, Tel Aviv

by Sarit Goffen | 22.07.13

In the heart of the City Center District neighborhood, nestled inside the compound comprised of Rothschild Blvd to the east, Ben-Zion Blvd to the north, King George to the west and Shenkin to the south –  directly in the corner of Ahad-Ha’am and Hashmonaim – you can find Cafe Noah. Most Telavivians are familiar with the veteran cafe because it has been a fixture for the last 12 years.

Cafe Noah is a library-coffee shop, but the library is no longer the main attraction. The more interesting stories are the ones that are being written inside of the cafe, upon its dark wooden tables, under the branches of the old palm tree. Authors, screen writers, journalists and other artists are some of the cafe’s many patrons, drawing inspiration from the unique setting and atmosphere of the coffee shop.

When Cafe Noah first opened (replacing an artisan lamp shade store), I lived just 3 blocks away, on 40 Hashmonaim St. Soon, the little cafe became “the” coffee shop for me, as well as for hundreds of other residents in the area. A suggestion to go to coffee was always understood as going to Noah’s. Upon entering Cafe Noah, you see that the venue is the perfect size for a coffee shop – not too big, not too small, with a central section that creates a more communal, intimate atmosphere. The cafe inhabits a 30’s Bauhaus style building, with large windows surrounding the coffee shop, bringing pleasant sunlight in year round and accentuating the dark wooden floors. The cafe opens to a charming yard, shaded by an old palm tree which has become bent by the passing years.

During the evening, Cafe Noah is softly lit and light music plays. Live music is featured each Sunday for the jazz enthusiasts. And what about the food, you ask? Behind a stainless steel window lies a small kitchen in which busy hands and a loving heart prepare a variety of fresh foods. As the dishes are brought out, one can hardly believe that a small kitchen can produce such a varied, lovely assortment.

The breakfast is delicious and fresh and served all day long. It includes a baked, fluffy omelet, prepared in a searing steel pan alongside various spreads and cheeses and a finely chopped salad. You can also order a generous meal of muesli topped with seasonal fruits (this is what I like to get). The fruits are so sweet that there is never a need for honey, and the dish always eaves me full and energized throughout the entire day.

The menu also offers a variety of refreshing salads. Feeling in a healthy mood, I opted to try the quinoa salad. I’m presented with a plate of fresh quinoa on a bed of roquette leaves with carrot shavings and zesty cranberries scattered throughout. Although the quinoa leaves me satisfied  Sarit Davidovsky, one of the owners, introduced two new dishes that I just had to try. The first is The Caprese Salad, a dish that is elegantly plated (like everything else in the cafe) with fresh, red, meaty tomatoes served with buffalo mozzarella cheese. The next meal presented is the Ham and Emmental Toast, a true delight for the non-kosher inclined.

I was completely full when it came time for desert, leaving me with a good excuse to come back and visit Cafe Noah again for coffee and a sweet treat! I was certainly happy about this though, because as those who know me would testify, you can take the girl out of the city, but not away from the cafe!

Ahad Ha’am 93 Tel Aviv, 03-6293799, Sun – Thur 7:30-24:00, Fri 8:00 – 18:00, Sat – Closed, Facebook


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2 Responses

  1. 01 Nomest

    This was a regular place for me, a haven with a pleasant vibe, good location, good coffee, but today I had a disgusting experience there, and will never return. The owners should have thrown an abusive customer out, but instead of doing so, remained silent and obedient to the abuser. It was a decisive moment for me and a further confirmation into how sick and disgusting Israeli society has become, with no accountability for unruly, cruel, rude, and outrageous behavior. It is sad that the society suffers from so much hostility and violence, even in a beloved coffee place that should be a haven from the rain, a place of intellectual refuge, and good company. With Jews treating other Jews this way, I cannot imagine how those who are considered “foreigners” are treated. Shame on you Cafe Noah, for supporting this type of disgrace. If you cannot be loyal to your loyal paying customers, I don’t know if loyalty exists in Israel. I will not return.


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