Sivan’s Kitchen

by Sarit Goffen | 07.08.13

During my first conversation with Anna Kopito, it was clear to both of us that Tel Aviv culinary scene involves much more than just restaurants and cafes. The culinary culture of Tel Aviv today includes many cuisines that are unknown to the general public. These are the kitchens of amazing cooks – some who cook just for the love of cooking, some cook for friends and some sell their creations in the circles of relatives and close friends. The scene also involves bloggers who write for their own amusement as well as the pleasure of their readers. All of these people do what they do out of great passion. It was clear to Anna and me that you cannot write about the culinary landscape of Tel Aviv without acknowledge all these talented people.

The first person I turned to was Sivan Sternbach, who writes a blog called “Sivan’s kitchen”. Sivan is a talented ceramicist who owns a ceramics studio in the old north of Tel Aviv. We had our meeting at her studio, on a Saturday morning, long before most of her readers wake up.

Although the Sivan’s blog centers on food, I was curious to see her in her workspace. It was exciting to see how Sivan handles her ceramic works in the same sensitivity in which she will handle, later in the day, pieces of fresh fish in the kitchen.

After visiting the studio, we went to Sivan’s kitchen. The kitchen is a dream island for every food and cooking lover. It is fully equipped and has beautiful natural light.

Sivan usually cooks in her kitchen on Saturday mornings. While she toils on preparing the dishes and taking pictures of them for her blog, her blog partner Rona, responsible for the writing, listens to the recipe dictated by Sivan and transcribes what is going on in the kitchen.

Between bites, Sivan’s friends begin to show up. “Everyone knows that Saturday is the day I cook for the blog” explains Sivan “and I love that they come”. During the morning begins a pilgrimage of those who seek to enjoy the creations, and I’m excited by the atmosphere created there, a happening of flavors and tastings.

For our day of shooting, Sivan chose to prepare sashimi from various fish, later to be featured in her blog. The recipes, which made me lick my fingers, can be found on Sivan’s blog.

Bon Appetite!


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  1. 01 סיון

    שרית יקרה
    כתבת וצילמת מקסים
    היה כייף גדול לבלות בחברתך
    מוזמנת תמיד

  2. 02 Yael Even

    Sarit, fantastic photos and article! Good for you! And Sivan.. what can I say.. I want to come visit some Saturday morning while you cook… you are amazing!


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