Cafe Habima, 31 Ben Zion Boulevard, Tel Aviv

by Sarit Goffen | 14.08.13

In one of the most well-known intersections in Tel Aviv, where Rothschild Blv and Ben Zion Blv meet, lies on of the most magical establishments. Located across from Habima theatre, it’s a place that makes Tel Aviv the capital of Israeli culture and culinary that it is.

A year ago, Chef Gabby Zilber and the Ruben Group established Cafe Habima, with its chic, pleasant and solid atmosphere, under the huge banyan trees that give shade all day.

The cafe is actually a small and intimate kiosk, tastefully decorated. The place emphasizes the use of quality materials, a wonderful service; unlike anything else I’ve encountered so far in Tel Aviv.

The cafe’s window front displays a huge variety of sandwiches – hot, cold, toast – all freshly made with homemade spreads, made at the cafe. In the right hands, sandwiches can become a culinary pick, especially when made with love, smiles and only the freshest most quality materials.

Apart from sandwiches, one can find French toasts, cookies, Danishes, excellent brioches, freshly squeezed juices and my personal favorite – a uniquely  ground coffee, brewed to perfection. This was the best coffee I’ve had in Tel Aviv, and coming from someone who only drinks coffee in coffee shops, this is high praise.

Just sit at one of the tables of benches scattered in Ben Zion Blv, near the cafe, and a smiling waiter will appear with cold mint water pitcher in hand. This is before you’ve even have a chance to order.

If you choose to sit, you will get a colorful heart at the register, signaling to the waiter where you are seated.

The cafe even thinks about dog owners, and if you come in with your pooch, a jar full of biscuits will be waiting. At weekend you can also purchase flowers to take back home for Shabbat.

In short – this is the closest you’ll get to Paris in the heart of Tel Aviv.

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