The Dining Hall, 23 Shaul HaMelech Boulevard, Tel Aviv

by Sarit Goffen | 21.08.13

Who doesn’t know Omar Miller? He is one of the most recognized chefs in Tel Aviv and Israel.

Although Omer is only 33 years old, he is responsible for two successful restaurants in Tel Aviv -The Dining Hall and HaShulchan, published a successful cookbook, stars on two tasty TV shows and currently has a massive following on Instagram. If you are even slightly involved in what’s happening in Tel Aviv, you can’t have missed Omer’s name.

The Dining Hall was established by Omer and his partners in the large square between the Camery Theatre and the Israeli Opera house. With such location you might expect a fancy décor, but the restaurant lives up to its name; “Dining Room” was inspired by the Israeli kibbutz dining room, with its elongated table connected to one another – perfect for communal dinner and ideal for family meals. Despite the kibbutz influence, the restaurant is spacious and sunny – just the way I like, and the décor is modern and meticulous with neutral colors that lend to a pleasant atmosphere that does not compete with the food.

The Dining Hall is a multicultural Israeli restaurant, based on local produce, a lot of fresh vegetables and herbs, but also draws inspiration from the melting pot that is Israel, combining cuisines from Sephardic kitchen, Arab kitchen, Ashkenazi kitchen and even the Jerusalem cuisine, with Mediterranean nods and a European twist.

Omer Miller brings his interpretation to the Israeli melting pot while focusing on the simplicity of the food and freshness of the dishes. The menu features dishes we all know from home or mom and pop restaurants, but the way they are presented to the cliental with Omer’s unique take brings quality and innovation to every dish.

Case in point – the restaurant signature dish “The Dining Hall salad”- seemingly a salad with cream cheese and hard-boiled egg- everyone had it at home, but Miller presents this dish aesthetically pleasing and his interpretation is minimalistic and innovative and of course – very delicious.

The barbeque lamb kebab received an honorary place on a wooden platter, accompanied by grilled vegetables, tomato and tahini salad and looked like an artist pallet mid-creation.

The service is friendly and pleasant and the prices are reasonable. The added value of a simple creative cuisine makes for a wonderful food experience.

23 Shaul HaMelech Boulevard, Tel Aviv, 057-944 30 36, Sun-Sat: 12.00-24.00, website, Facebook


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