Mizlala, 57 Nahalat Binyamin Street, Tel Aviv

by Sarit Goffen | 28.08.13

The Mizlala was established in Tel Aviv two years ago, by Chef Meir Adoni and his partners in the flagship restaurant “Catit”. The restaurant offers its clientele a first-rate culinary experience, at reasonable prices.

The Mizlala cuisine is influenced mainly by the traditional Moroccan cuisine – chef’s Adoni’s mother forte. Chef Asaf Stern, the Mizlala’s chef, says that Adoni sits in his mother’s kitchen and learns time honored traditions usually passed on from mother to daughter and bring them back to the Mizlala’s kitchen. Another influence is the Iraqi-Jewish and Yemeni cuisine – all combined with modern cocking techniques and French cuisine influences.

Every dish gets the Adoni twist, after brainstorming with Chef Asaf Stern. Asaf was Adoni’s sous chef in Catit for two years and served as a sous chef at Chef Moishik Rot’s restaurant (a Michelin star restaurant in Amsterdam).

This is truly a fusion restaurant.

I’ve read an interview conducted with Chef Adoni about the Mizlala. It said: “Meir Adoni, the chef at Mizlala, sees the restaurant as the ‘crazy younger sister’ of his haute-dining, white tablecloth establishment, Catit. This one is supposed to give you a good night out.”

The desire for a more laid-back restaurant that continues the culinary experience that one gets at Catit, but with more personal touches and more boldness and accessibility to a more varied clientele creates a fascinating, multi-faceted cuisine:

The Palestinian tartar dish: the dish offered a splendid take on a classic dish – instead of using the traditional trio of eddy old, anchovy and capers, the chef blended chopped steak with tahini, pine nuts and charred eggplant puree.

Salmon ceviche marinated in turmeric oil, lickerish, ginger root served with yogurt cream, celery, tapioca, shiso leaves Thai basil in carrot vinaigrette – the dish was a Van Gogh colour palette during the painting of the sunflowers – breath taking!

The amazing colours and flavours continue with the Denis fillet swimming in a sea of beet root with blue cheese, caramelized walnuts, black quinoa- the boldness of colours and textures is amazing.

The creativity does not stop and the desserts are well designed, pleasing to the eye and enthral the pallet of the diners: chocolate-chili tart, Chaloa englaze, peanuts, caramelized bananas, chocolate Ganesh and Bamba cream- all of this are too good to describe. You’ll just need to try them all.

The bar area at the Mizlala offers a professional service by highly trained staff that conjures original cocktails to the diners.

The Mizlala brings a delightful gastronomic experience at reasonable prices and allows for one of the more unique culinary experiences in Tel-Aviv.

57 Nahalat Binyamin Street, Tel Aviv, 03-566 55 05, Sun-Mon 12:00 – 00:00, website, Facebook.


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