HaAchim, 12 Ibn Gvirol Street, Tel Aviv

by Sarit Goffen | 17.09.13

As the mother of three, culinary savvy kids, raised on restaurant food as much as on breast milk, I find myself constantly searching for the ideal place to feed them. A place that can satisfy the crazy, lunch-time hunger as well as cater to a family diner outing and most importantly – a place that won’t give my bank manager a reason to call me the day after.

In my search, I found the HaAchim, which means “The Brothers”, a shish-kebab (or as it is called in Hebrew: “HaAchim”) place in Ibn Gvirol Street in Tel Aviv.

HaAchim is a gourmet shipudiya, run by the brothers Yotam and Asaf Doctor. The restaurant is a mix between a 70’s steak house and a contemporary Tel Aviv restaurant.

The fresh hot hummus is homemade in the restaurant, much like in traditional shipudiyot, but next to it one can find more sophisticated dishes such as scallops wrapped in bacon skewered on a liquorice stick with orange and pine nuts caramel.

Asaf Doctor, owner and chef, says he always had a dream to open a shipudiya in the center of Tel-Aviv. “There are no real shipudyot in the center of Tel Aviv, certainly none that sport HaAchim atmosphere”.

The menu was constructed by chef Asaf Doctor, featuring traditional shipudiya dishes with a twist. The entrées are a modern take on the traditional shipudiya mezze, followed by varied dishes such as extra crispy onion rings with sour cream and horseradish sauce, mini-burgers with bacon jam and gouda cheese, home pickled Turkish palmyra with potatoes, fried red mullet with cream fresh and vinegar, sapieach – a pastry filled with lamb and veal meat, Australian kobe beef skewered on a rosemary branch (100 grams), pork sausage and homemade manchego with dried tomatoes and Dijon mastered and much more.

Design wise, the place is very central Tel Aviv, eclectically furnished with a small bar and warm lighting combined with urban features like exposed bricks, black and white pictures (all of customers), graphically processed.

Add to this the opening hours that stretch well into the night and the “whole-sale” nights on Mondays and Thursdays when alcohol is sold extremely cheap (about a quarter from the usual price) and you get the ultimate Tel Aviv hang-out spot.

HaAchim, 12 Ibn Gvirol Street, Tel Aviv, 03-691 71 71, Facebook.


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