Loveat, 1 Barzilay Street, Tel Aviv

by Sarit Goffen | 25.09.13

Those of you who read the right-hand corner of this blog, know that the point in which I have decided that photography will be the center of my professional life, was during a successful career in insurance. And why is this relevant now? Because in the last year and a half of my former professional life were spent at Yavne Street in Tel Aviv. My office there overlooked a café called Loveat. In the few months prior to my final farewell from the business world, this café served as my wonderful refuge. Recently I found myself going back to 1 Barzilay Street in Gan Hachashmal compound were the first branch of Loveat celebrates its 10 years anniversary.

Quite a few of the deciding moments that lead to my leaving my 12-years career and following my heart happened right there, at the bar overlooking Yehuda Halevi Street, corner of Yavne Street.

Loveat was the first café to serve 100% organic coffee, 100% Arabica. The coffee is imported from around the world and roasted in the Barzilay branch. And while the food is not 100% organic, freshness and dialogue with nature are some of the leading principles of the café.

The menu is seasonal and is always rich with seasonal fruits and vegetables. The food is made “slow food style” with emphasis on human craftsmanship rather than industrialism.

The current menu offers wonderful dishes such as deconstructed sabich (warm and toasty bread with roasted eggplants, tomato salsa with parsley, red onions and fried egg), chesses-filled toast with green onions (spinach pesto, feta cheese, buffalo mozzarella and emmental with tomato and green onions) and my go-to-dish, tabule burrito (red quinoa filled burrito with wheat groats, cucumber, tomato, red onion, parsley, mint and coriander with tahini). Extras include feta cheese, tofu and chicken. I always go with the chicken.

The food is accompanied with freshly squeezed juices served in recyclable glass jars you can take to the office with you. The various juices include flavors such as: carrots-beet, beet-apple, carrots, apple, orange and lemon-mint.

The official cooling drink of summer is the fruit smoothie made of fresh fruits such as apples with cinnamon, muskmelon with ginger and in the healthy corner – buffalo yogurt and blended fresh fruits with honey and cinnamon.

During my visit I met Tal Bundstein the owner and founder of the four branches chain who told me that a new branch will soon open in the Habima compound and that a new branch might open in New York.

Tal, I really hope that you open a branch in New York and send me there to take the pictures. Meanwhile I shall remain loyal to the Brazilay Street branch, keep drinking organic coffee accompanied by a sweet muffin and fantasize about the trip to New York.

1 Barzilay Street, corner of 12 Mikve Israel Street, Tel-Aviv, 03-566 66 99
3 Nahalat Binyamin Street, Tel-Aviv, 03-516 44 12
232 Dizingoff Street, Tel Aviv, 03-544 63 7o
Jaffa Harbor, Warehouse 1, Jaffa, 03-726 66 60
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