Eran Shvartzbard’s Catering

by Sarit Goffen | 16.10.13

The last season of Master Chef featured Eran Shvartzbard’s debut on the spotlight with his rendition to the ravishing Atlas dessert required by all the contestants. This was a complicated and challenging dish, no doubt, but Shvartzbard has been a leading pastry-chef for the past 21 years and for him, food is an all-encompassing experience.

Shvartzbard puts everything into the dining, plating, and serving experience and for him; a complicated dish such as the “Atlas” is not out of character.

He is one of the leading pastry chefs in Israel and worked as a consultant to the best restaurants in Israel and abroad. His specialty is creating dessert menus. Alongside the consultant work, Shvartzbard puts pours his heart into his exclusive luxury business – a boutique catering avenue for private and business affairs.

I met Shvartzbard at the un-godly hour of 04:30, while he was preparing for an event.

Shvartzbard’s catering offers an extraordinary meal, a culinary feast of food, and sweets. The “food part” is handled by Oded Shvartzbard, Eran’s brother, who worked for many years with chef Yonatan Roshfeld, and then lead Sitra restaurant. It’s amazing to see how one home produced to expert chefs who are so adamant on giving the diner a rounded experience of food and presentation. This sort of collaboration is unforgettable.

Eran Shvartzbard’s catering is an experience of gourmet meal with high-end raw material and extraordinary desserts. This catering service is best suited for cocktail parties, business launches, breakfasts, branches and private events up to 200 diners.

The business is Eran’s baby and he treats it, and the food, with an endless patience, great enthusiasm and joy that compel you to try every dish. I left the event craving more.

For more details: website, Facebook.

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