Ouzeria, 44 Matalon Street, Tel Aviv

by Sarit Goffen | 13.11.13

Why Ouzeria?

The Ouzeries are the classic Greek chamaras, parallel to the Spanish tapas. This is a place to drink ouzo, and have fun. It’s not unheard of for someone to bring a bouzouki and start playing while everyone is singing, eating and dancing.

Ouzeria, was opened by head chef of Tapao in Tel Aviv and Herzliya, Avivit Priel. A chef for almost three decades, she is a rare bird in the Israeli culinary scene along with her partner, Limor Lami, who managed Tapao bar in Tel Aviv where they met. Together they decided to follow the dream. Although the name of the restaurant derives from the classic Greek, the food stretches more to Mediterranean cuisine.

You can find mezze and a great souvlaki on the menu as well as as goat cheese filled ravioli, stuffed sardines and black pasta with cherry tomato confit, sardines and ricotta cheese.

As Avivit puts it – the menu spans from Spain to Gaza, and the music will go as far as Egypt. “Happy is part of our business plan”. What appealed to us in Greece was more the character and less the food. The raw Greek resources are amazing and so we took the materials and the atmosphere and gave it an Israeli twist.

Ouzeria is run by women – Avivit and Limor the owners, Tzipora the shift manager (and Limor’s sister), and the amazing Neta behind the bar. Although there is some male representation, the female dominance gives Ouzeria a special edge, just as much as the tasty food and the joy pouring out of the windows and into Matalon Street.

44 Matalon Street, Tel Aviv, 03-533-0899. Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12:00-00:00, Facebook

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