Abushdid, 16 Levontin Street, Tel Aviv

by Sarit Goffen | 28.11.13

Abushdid is a new lounge restaurant in Tel Aviv, located in a historical building that has a historic and romantic story.

In 1920 the building was home to Lea Abushdid, an heiress to a prominent Jerusalem family and her husband, Itamar Ben-Avi, who, as the son of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda was dubbed “the first Hebrew child”. The couple had a much publicized, turbulent courtship, one that could easily become the center of a modern day television drama.

The love story between Abushdid and Ben-Avi, inspired the owners of the restaurant.

Chef Vova Tashaev, formerly Worked  in Catit restaurant and Executive Chef’s of “mapa-levana” Catering, constructed a Balkan-Oriental kitchen that is greatly influenced by the historical connection to the building.

The design team, the talented Emmy Shahar and Salome Fakiel of Design Space, created a careful artistic collage and gave new life to the historical romance.

One can say that Abushdid lives between the past and the present. The eclectic design takes on the challenges of preserving history on one hand, and giving it a modern unique twist on the other, the atmosphere of the place that draws you in disconnects you from the outside and the experience that the restaurant offers. It starts with the amazingly stocked bar that offers a unique assortment of visually exciting cocktails and the kitchen, that produces every element of the meal by hand.

Dishes such as turmeric pitta bread with goat milk yogurt and cucumber and radish salad, “surprise challa bread” (the smell of it baking will make your mouth water) – mini challas baked as roses, stuffed with schug and served with eggplant and yogurt cream. The Shdid kebab (lamb kebab) dish is served on grilled pitta bread and sprinkled with cucumber, radish onion and cilantro salad. The dish also includes yogurt-based sauce. Another great dish is the Brik- a Tunisian dish consisting of thin warka pastry with a runny egg yolk and tarragon shrimp.

Abushdid provides an encompassing experience that involves all of your senses.

16 Levontin Street, Tel Aviv, 03-629 88 22, Facebook

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