Sirtaki, 4 Etz Chaim Street, Jerusalem

by Sarit Goffen | 04.12.13

Machne Yehuda market in Jerusalem is perhaps the most colorful and vibrant market in Israel. Over the past few years, quite a few restaurants and cafes opened in the market, right next to the produce stalls and the market became a magnet for many tourists and foodies.

This month I decided to get out for Tel Aviv and bring you the aroma of Jerusalem, especially the Old Town and the area of the market.

One of the loveliest corners of the market is the Greek bar Sirtaki opened by Yonatan Hirschfield, a Jerusalem-based bar entrepreneur and the owner of the Jabotinsky bar, and chef Anat Lessem, whose resume includes working in Michelin restaurants in London, Paris, Amsterdam and more.

The Sirtaki is the first stop at my visit in Jerusalem the story of Sirtaki began as Yonatan’s dream. As a child he would spend summers with his family in Greece and fell in love with the music and the atmosphere. A year ago, Yonatan and Anat met through mutual friends. Yonatan shared his dream with Anat and the dream became a couple’s dream.

During the day, Sirtaki serves as a café and bar and the menu features dishes like Soused herring, cheese Börek, fried Halloumi cheese. Everything is freshly made on location by the capable and wonderful Anat.

But when the night falls, this is when the party truly starts. The tables are taken out, scattered amongst the closed stalls, and a live music – Greek and Mediterranean is playing while the booze is flowing.

If you happen upon the place on a Saturday, Anat cooks outside, on the market stalls, various delicious dishes. This is an amazing experience.

4 Etz Chaim Street, Mahane Yehuda, Jerusalem Market, Facebook

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