Café (East) Europa, 9 Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv

by Sarit Goffen | 18.12.13

After the European weather that happened upon our little country, and the heavy snow that fell on Jerusalem and made it impossible to entry to the city, it was only natural to drop by Café (East) Europa; a new eatery, inspired by the east-European cuisine and located on the second floor of the Café Europa on 9 Rothschild Blvd.

Maoz Alonin and Itay Hargil, the chefs at Café Europa, created a new menu especially for “East Europe” that includes warming comfort food, with a creative, personal interpretation of the classic eastern-European kitchen.

The group owning Café Europa decided to open “East Europe” as the second phase of the restaurant. David Tur, one of the owners says: “about a year and a half after opening, we’ve decided that it’s time to move on to the next level. “East Europe” is the natural progression to the overall experience we want to create in Café Europa and the little bar in the second floor brings a new dimension to the cultural discussion that we develop in Tel Aviv – between the food, alcohol and night life”.

“East Europe” is located on the second floor of Café Europe and as you enter the warm and intimate space, you can see the small bar, designed to evoke eastern-European bars and saloons at the end of the 19th century to early 20th. The mirrors, the high table for two around the bar as well as the serving dishes enhance the nostalgic, details oriented atmosphere.

Chefs Alonim and Hargil created a menu that is reminiscent of their perspective families. All the dishes are medium sized and are served in ornate plates that are part of the “house set”.

Dishes as: Russian salad (salt pickled tuna, potatoes and slipka), Blini (russian pancake) served with salmon eggs and crème fraiche, Fresh forest mushrooms sautéed in white wine and vinegar, Pickeld Veal tongue served with horseradish aioli and the house pickles, Pilmeni (beef stuffed dumplings in chicken bouillon), pork neck skewer served on potato salad and more.

And a unique alcohol menu is meant to complete the experience and offers a wide variety of eastern European brands such Slivovitz (a Slavic plum liquor), Krupnik (polish honey liquor), various vodka brands such as “Zubrowka”, “Baltika” (a Russian beer) and even Palinka (Hungarian plum liquor) – all ready to warm up this European cold front.

9 Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv, Opening hours: Sun-Sat – 19:00 till late, website, Facebook

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