Rokach 73, 73 Rokach Boulevard, Tel Aviv

by Sarit Goffen | 08.01.14

Towards the seventh birthday of Rokach 73, Eyal Lavy’s chef restaurant, and with the launch of the winter menu, I went to visit Eyal,  whom I really appreciate. Those of you who follow Culinary City know that our shared history goes back more than twenty years.

For those who meets Rokach 73 for the first time – the restaurant is situated between the tennis courts of Rokach Boulevard in Tel Aviv,  The Eretz Israel Museum on one side and Hayarkon Park on the other.

Lavy’s cuisine is based on fish and seafood, which are his specialty and great love.

Lavi cooks in a French-Mediterranean style that’s inspired by the cuisine of Provence and the Mediterranean coast to the south of France and serves classic dishes like oysters, seafood Casuala, Bouillabaisse and Filet Mignon in red wine sauce. Alongside these are also found more rare delicacies like escargot or lobsters which are fresh, in special order. The menu incorporates influences from the Italian Riviera, Basque cuisine and even the North Africa cuisines of Tunisia and Morocco.

Rokach 73, which has been running for seven years now, maintains a uniform and elegant menu. The cooking style, sophisticated without being wiseacre, joins the calm and clean design of the restaurant, and the nice, pleasant, friendly and professional service, much like Eyal’s personality.

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