Cucina Tamar, 10 HaTzfira Street, Tel Aviv

by Sarit Goffen | 22.01.14

Cucina Tamar is a well-known Italian restaurant in Tel Aviv. It is the home base, and culinary stage of Chef Tamar Cohen-Tzedek.

During the last three months the restaurant was closed and underwent an extensive renovation. These days Cucina Tamar is re-opening in a newly design space, a new seasonal menu and a pantry store, twice as big with a varied selection of products.

Tamar Cohen-Tzedek is known as a traveling chef- going on many culinary exertions all over Italy, especially in the Emilia-Romagna province from which she brings the secrets of the Italian cuisine, the unique materials and the local cooking techniques.

Cucina Tamar draws inspiration from the various provinces in Italy and offers, alongside well known and loved dishes, such as; velvety parmesan budino, tartufo ravioli, delicate beet bandera, artichoke tortellini, bold new dishes such as; crab, pumpkin and tarragon soup, Misty de mare – pickled seafood with squid carpaccio, pickled sardines and basil-tuna tartar, spareribs cooked in fennel and milk and more.

The renovated restaurant displays a space comprised of two floors connected by a staircase. The first floor has an intimate side-bar that hold only five sits. The restaurant space is nice and lit and sits only 20. The second floor is an open central space. The walls are old cabinets from the 20’s and 30’s that were renovated and are now serving as the “dispensa” – the pantry shop where you can find interesting items for your home kitchen and go back home with treats such as mushrooms with balsamic vinegar, shallot onions in white vinegar, seared fennel in olive oil, garlic and thyme, pickled lemons in paprika, puree of beet and peppers for your pasta, Tamar’s famous tomato sauce and more wonderful ingredients to help you continue the Italian experience at home.

10 HaTzfira Street, Tel-Aviv, 03-6390407, menu.

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