Gedera 26, 26 Gedera Street, Tel Aviv

by Sarit Goffen | 12.02.14

Three years ago, Amir and Moran Cronenberg opened the bistro Gedera 26 in the outskirts of the Carmel market. The opening of the bistro was the culmination of a long process which started at age six, when chef Amir Cronenberg immigrated to Israel from his native Sweden – son of a Swedish man and an Israeli-Iraqi woman.

I had a chance of meeting Amir and hearing his story:

“I came to Israel when I was six and settled in Jerusalem with my mom and sister. Mom was working and I started cooking our food. Cooking was a manly chore both in the Swedish home I grew up in (until I was six) and in my grandfather’s Iraqi kitchen in Jerusalem.

Even as a child I knew I was going to be a chef, but it has been a long road. For years I ran several night-life spots in Jerusalem until I came to Tel-Aviv. I went to study at Tadmor and started working in the mythological Coffee Bar. I worked and grew there for three years and then spent two more years working at Ran Shmueli’s Catering and then at Mendelbaum’s catering.

Opening Gedera was a bit of a fluke. At that time, Moran (my wife) and I used to host chef dinners and cook for private events. A friend of ours saw that this spot at Carmel market was vacated and brought me to see the place and that was it! A chance to realize our shared dream- to host the way we love.”

Gedera 26 is open morning to evening and the ever-changing menu is written on a blackboard in chalk. The menu evokes memories from the Cronenberg’s home with modern twists combining Iraq and Sweden; dishes such as seafood kibbeh, legendary Swedish meatballs and meatballs with tomato and okra sauce. The kitchen is completely open and is an integral part of the restaurant’s space. The place has an interior space and a nice, closed veranda. The restaurant is eclectically designed, combining old and new with bare walls and a lot of nostalgic elements such as pictures of the Iraqi grandmother and the Swedish grandfather, colorful furniture and lots of fresh vegetables that are displayed in wooden baskets. Gedera 26 offers a combination of tasty food, a unique design and a friendly service – all ingredients that create magic.

26 Gedera Street, Tel Aviv, 03-510-0164, Facebook.

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    YUM, looks promising! Definitely on my list of places to visit once I’m in Israel next!


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