Pane & Vino, 4 Hachoresh Street, Yahud

by Sarit Goffen | 05.03.14

Pane & Vino is the dream of partners Dganit Amichai and Rona Pardis. They started the little café and deli, located in Yahud (near Ben-Gurion airport), fifteen years ago, with no background in the restaurant world

Gradually Pane & Vino grew from café to a restaurant that is synonymous with fresh quality food.

In 2008, Dganit and Rona established a bakery adjoined to the restaurant, hoping to create synergy between the restaurant and the bakery and allow the costumers to enjoy Pane & Vino’s products at home.

In order to create a quality bakery, they brought the Danish pastry chef Aba Don-Hensen that has been there ever since, arriving every night to bake the bread, the Danishes, cakes and cookies – all hand made.

Very few restaurants outside the hub of Tel Aviv survive more than a year or two, but Pane & Vino soon became a success and a favorite even of the Telavivians.

Spending the night at a bakery clouds your senses with the incredible scents, but more than anything you can immediately see, upon entering, the degree of professionalism and uncompromising quality that is part of Pane & Vino.

Now, six years after the bakery, the Pane & Vino family grows once more and now it launches a factory in Modi’in and a new line of cookies.

The bakers at Pane & Vino offer eleven types of hand-made cookies, selected as the most beloved cookies in the bakery in the last five years and bring the Pane & Vino product to the costumer, this time in the supermarket and food chains.

4 Hachoresh Street, Yahud, Facebook

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