Tiger Lilly, 32 Habarzel Street, Tel Aviv

by Sarit Goffen | 13.03.14

Tiger Lilly is an authentic thai restaurant that brings to the thai kitchen to Israel, almost exactly, barring the insects and the extreme hotness. Chef Yaniv Green manages to create a no frills, accurate and precise menu that uses materials imported from Thailand to create an accurate variety of flavors that’s as close as possible to the land of eternal freedom.

Tiger Lilly’s vision was born out of Yaniv Green’s love to the thai kitchen. Green was working as chef in various Asian restaurants and believe that the thai cuisine is especially suited to the Israeli pallet, thanks to the richness of strong and bold flavors with a simple, basic fresh quality food.

Green spent many months travelling the different regions of Thailand in a culinary journey – traveling from north to south – in order to acquaint himself with the aroma and authentic flavors of the thai street food. That collage of flavors, colors and smells were translated by Green’s experienced hands into a rich menu he now offers in his restaurant and together with his rich experience in the field and having supervised Asian kitchens, he decided to bring the dream to life and opened Tiger Lilly.

Tiger Lilly, whose name is comprised by two icons of thai culture – the tiger and the lily – offers the traditional foundations of the thai cuisine alongside new motifs, all combined with a meticulous design give an authentic experience. The open kitchen, with its thai sous chef and thai cooks also strengthens the “thai street” experience.

Tiger Lily will soon have a sister restaurant in the new Sarona.

32 Habarzel Street, Ramat Hahayal, Tel Aviv, websiteFacebook.         

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