Goodies, 5 Tchernichovsky Street, Tel Aviv

by Sarit Goffen | 17.04.14

“Every flavor has a story, behind every material there is a person and inside each barcoded product there are fascinating secrets”. This is how Ronit Ronen defines her story in Goodies, the new deli, which will let costumers the opportunity to enter into an inviting space that holds in it the stories behind the wines, cheeses, sausages and the rest of the product which are pure heaven for all foodies.

Last few years, Ronit Ron has been working as a business event producer as well as boutique events. Years ago, while living in Paris, Ronit saw something that inspired her to dream, a dream she carried with her for many years: “There was this little gelateria working only four days a week and there was always a long line waiting for service- with no advertising”.

After producing dreams for many clients, Ronit decided that it is time to realize her own dream and a few months ago opened the little deli on Tchernichovsky Street in Tel Aviv.

The transition was born out of that old dream and a true love of quality raw materials and a belief that through them one can supply an authentic and exciting experience to the gourmet enthusiasts.

At Goodies you can find Israeli boutique wine as well as a collection of international wines usually found in restaurants. Also in stock are quality cheeses (Israeli and foreign) tasty cold cuts and homemade delicacies such as jams, antipasti, pickles. Éclairs, Pettitfours and various sandwiches. The homemade treats are the creation of chef Hila Lavi, who ran Orna and Ella’s confectionery for two and a half years.

Tchernichovsky Street was always a Tel Aviv gem, but lately it has transformed into “little Berlin” with an array of boutique and vintage shops, the closeness to the old Carmel market and a wonderful park to have a late breakfast picnic in.

Goodies draw on that inspiration and offers a variety of picnic baskets to be filled and taken on a romantic and flavorful picnic.

5 Tchernichovsky Street, Tel Aviv, Opening hours: Sun-Thu 08:00-20:00, Fri 08:00-16:00, 074-7021216, Facebook

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