Aria, 66 Nachalat Binyamin Street, Tel Aviv

by Sarit Goffen | 15.05.14

On the corner of Yehuda Halevi and Nachalat Binyamin stands a gorgeous historic house once owned by Moshe Solomon (Yes, the one from Arik Einstein’s song). In it resides “Aria”- Guy Gamzo’s chef restaurant that celebrates its one year anniversary.

In the first floor you can find a darkly decorated cocktail bar while the second floors holds the brightly designed restaurant that is lightly and tastefully decorated.

Chef Gamzo is considered one of the brightest stars among the young Tel Aviv chefs. He opened Aria after six years as an operational chef of “Rafael” thus realizing a dream he had since he was fifteen – to be the owner of a chef restaurant.

Gamzo’s resume also includes two-star Michelin restaurants in Provence, but it is his endless curiosity and excitement of smells, flavors, colors and raw materials that find their way into the diners’ plate.

Gamzo explains: “Aria is not limited to once specialization or definition. It’s all about the raw material that interest me as a chef. I don’t have only one niche. I want to know everything and touch everything, to connect the different flavors. My cooking is different journeys I go on and the diner travels with me to the sensual journey that is my interpretation of that landscape”.

It is safe to say that Gamzo bring all of himself to the kitchen and combines flavors and worlds.

Much like in the Opera world in which an Aria is a solo act that expressed a mood or an emotional frame of mind, the restaurant features Gamzo’s solo act- an emotional and sensual storm that find their outlet in wonderful dishes. The bar, governed over by Caster Thompson, enhances this experience.

Aria is a cocktail bar/restaurant concept. The entrance has a fancy lounge bar and the second floor houses the restaurant and the idea is to give a solution to a whole-night experience without having to leave the building.

66 Nachalat Binyamin Street, Tel Aviv, website, Facebook



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