Taizu, 23 Menachem Begin Street, Tel Aviv

by Sarit Goffen | 09.07.14

Taizu, the highly talked about concept restaurant, by Chef Yuval Ben Neria, is almost a year and a half now. Taizu is an Asian restaurant in which Ben-Neria features his own local and personal interpretation to street foods from five different Asian countries: India, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

This is chef Ben-Neria and partner Nadav Lior’s first restaurant. The two met while Lior was acquisition manager at Adis lifestyle group – the owners of the well-known restaurant Herbert Samuel. Ben-Neria is considered to be one of the greatest promises of the Israeli culinary scene.

Despite his age (32), Ben-Neria has a stellar resume: He managed the Herbert Samuel kitchen as an acting chef but more than that – he has a very mature and synergetic attitude for his vision of Taizu.

“If once I was a solo act – managing the kitchen, preparing the dishes, Taizu is more of a team effort. It’s the kitchen’s stuff that drives the specials and this mutual fertilization comes from the stuff as well (and almost as importantly) from the diners who are an integral part of the restaurant”.

“Taizu is a family that creates together, it is my home and a home for most of the stuff who are there for like 90% percent of the day. The mutual planning is what makes the restaurant a fun place to work in, to hang out in and this fun is translated to the dishes served to the customers”.

Taizu also provide a very pleasing aesthetic experience. The design is the labor of prize-winning architect Pitsou Kedem and architects Sigal Baranowitz and Gali Amit. The result is an impressive space of 6 meters ceiling and a design concept that is based on the five elements of the Chinese mythology: water, wood, fire, earth, metal. With its combination of bare concrete, terzo floor bamboo and metal partitions there are actually five sitting areas that are both separate and connected.

Taizu is also children-friendly. Ben-Neria has concocted an accessible and fun menu for the pallet-developed children that is suitable for the younger audience. The restaurant is suitable for children who enjoy a rich, Nutritious and tasty food with Asian influences.

23 Menachem Begin Street, Tel Aviv, 03-522-5005, Facebook, website

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