Meat market, 5 Yom Tov Street, Tel Aviv

by Sarit Goffen | 06.08.14

It actually sounds like a “There was a lawyer, a hi-tech guy and a chef open a butcher shop joke“, but it is a reality and one of this year’s success stories.

The butcher and lawyer Yaniv Bar-Nur, chef Yaron Kestenboum and the hi-tech man Uri Weinstein decided to open the butcher shop, Meat Market.

Meat Market, located in the Carmel Market, has just in a few months become the place to go to for the culinary inclined crowd.

Among the customers you can find Lior Hargil (the owner of Haminzar), chef Amir Kronberg (owner of Gedera 26) and many others doing some mid-week shopping – and on Fridays the grilled meat festivities are a real carnivore’s heaven!

Chef Yaron Kestenboum talks about a “home”, a meeting place of experts, raw material and customers: “I can now define my craving as looking for the perfect cow. We’ve created a great advantage to the client. We are working directly with local growers and guide them. In the shop we have three large aging chambers that allow us to see how different cuts behave and what is the best use for them. This way the client can buy entrecote or sirloin to make roast beef, but can also buy aged top rump roast beef that retails for 50% less but is not less favorable than the sirloin.”

“Chefs and restaurateurs are always on the hunt for quality beef and we give them an option, as well as to the home cooks and make sure that the flavor and quality out-weigh the price. This is where our contact with the customers comes into place – we allow the client to benefit from our knowledge and get that much more out of their purchase”.

Both Yaniv Bar-Nur and Yaron Kestenboum believe in personal contact. Their service is personal, they remember each client, explain, advice and allow tastings. Yaniv Bar-Nur talks about a different shopping experience: “As a customer I’ve always wanted to taste the meat at the butcher shop, waiting to get back home felt like eternity. Here the customers can taste the meat before buying and both sample the product and satisfy the craving”.

The price range is fair, and about 30% lower than in other boutique butcher shops in Tel Aviv.

Meat Market is becoming a meeting point of knowledge, quality, flavor and good price.

Meat Market, 5 Yom Tov Street, Carmel Market, Tel Aviv, 03-517 30 86, Facebook


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  1. 01 Anat

    The best meet, greatest atmosphere and amazing real people who believe in quality in what they do! If you can’t get there they have home deliveries… A MUST place in the city.


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