Helena Banamal, Old Port, Caesarea

by Sarit Goffen | 27.08.14

For the past decade, Caesarea’s Old Port – one of the beautiful archaeological sites in Israel most – has been the home of the restaurant Helena. The port offers an extraordinary settings of blue sea, breathtaking archaeological finds of the renewed harbor.

The menu, constructed by the chef Amos Sion, complements the magical scenery.

Helena’s kitchen makes use of the local raw materials, fresh produce and emphasis on local sea food, aged meat and seasonal herbs, fruits and vegetables and even Israeli wild flowers. Accordingly the preparations and the flavors of the dishes are all based on techniques from the Israeli and Mediterranean cuisines.

The menu features updated variations of dishes such as shawarma, sinaia, cigarette börek, börek, alongside dishes such as focaccia, pizza pastries and other baked goods courtesy of the stone tabun.

Summer is the best time for vegetables, fruits and the local sea food, ideal for a light meal while enjoying the cool breeze blowing from the sea.

Helena’s summer menu offers a delightful array of summer goodies featuring dishes such as watermelon salad with roasted peppers with lime vinaigrette, Greek feta cheese with roasted pumpkin seeds, fresh burrata cheese on pumpkin carpaccio, grilled corvina filet with corn, polenta roasted kale with maple butter, and more – all while enjoying a meal facing the open sea visible from all tables and enjoying the archaeological site of Caesarea.

Old Port, Caesarea, 04-610-1018, Facebook


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