Culinary city Annual Summary

by Sarit Goffen | 24.09.14

This post is dedicated no to one restaurant, but to all the restaurants that I have visited during the past year.

This year started with a dream visit to Catit, maybe the most gastronomical acclaimed restaurant in Israel, and closed the year with Lumina, another restaurant run by the Catit group and its chef Meir Adoni.

True, Israel has yet to have Michelin stars restaurants. But there are a few restaurants, which could qualify – Catit is definitely one of them.

This year I have visited 40 restaurants and I have realized that Israel’s restaurant scene has a very high level. Israeli chefs are intelligent, passionate, respectful of their diners and are sticklers for raw material and quality of products – not a small thing in a country where many raw materials aren’t even available. Israeli restaurants are impeccably designed and the best architects and interior designers are working to make the restaurant experience a multi-sensory one.

Israel offers versatile kitchens and an array of skilled professionals, so I dedicate this post to you, restaurant owners and chefs and wish that the upcoming year will allow you to give your clientele the best experience possible and continue to please their palates.

You will find links to the 40 restaurants on the right side of the blog, below my profile.

A Happy, Tasty New Year!

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