Regina, Ha-Tachana, Tel Aviv

by Sarit Goffen | 16.11.14

During two weeks run of kosher culinary I have found an island of joy: Regina- an Israeli fusion kosher restaurant, located in the charming Ha-Tachana in Tel Aviv.

The restaurant is located in a 19 century historic building. It is characterized with an eclectic design style that combines authentic doors and shutters, chandeliers and vintage items.

The restaurant features terrazzo floored rooms which open into a flower covered courtyard.

Regina also has a garden which is the ultimate place for breakfast on a sunny Friday.

Regina is inspired by bygone days when the station compound drew to it immigrants from all over the world, the platforms were crowded and the place was a true expression of the Israeli “melting pot”.

The menu is characterized by a variety of foods and dishes of Israeli communities and demonstrates the culinary “melting pot” created by the new immigrants in Israel. The menu also features extremely pampering breakfasts.

And no less important- the restaurant has a Shabbat tradition held on Fridays that incorporates cultural atmosphere of music (DJ and live music) as well as food that will remind the diners of their childhood home and family kitchen.

Ha-Tachana, Tel Aviv, 03-736 7474, Facebook

sarit goffen sarit goffen sarit goffen sarit goffen מוטי קמחי מוטי קמחי sarit goffen

Photos from the show were taken by Motti Kimchi.


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