Bayern, 22 Frishman Street, Tel Aviv

by Sarit Goffen | 11.12.14

For the past year and a half, enthusiasts can enjoy authentic, classic German food. In the corner of Frishman and Sirkin, just off of Dizengoff, you can find Bayern, a no fuss restaurant that runs with a German precision.

Bayern, the first Bavarian brasserie, was opened by Ofer and Aviad, best friends since the age of five.

Ofer was raised on the German Bavarian cooking and started helping his dad, an esteemed chef, in the kitchen as a child and after the army he went to culinary school. For five years he lived in Europe, working in France and England. During this time, Aviad lived in the United States and was a business.

After coming back to Israel and deciding to open a restaurant, the two friends teamed up to open Bayern. “It was obvious that there are many restaurants in Israel, but no classic German cuisine. This is the food that I grew up on and I knew this is going to be the place I open” says Ofer.

Bayern is the place Aviad and I want to sit in with friends. A place that has good food, very masculine, lots of pork sausage, classic schnitzel, chicken, pork and veil and stuffing like the cordon bleu, with shinken and Gouda cheese, Cordon rouge with bacon and Gouda.

“We serve only what we like to eat. We don’t settle. It’s all fresh, cooked on site and unique. There is no food here that does not belong to the Austrian-Germen cuisine”.

And of course, there is a lot of beer and joy. This is a heaven for the lovers of bayrenwurst, pretzel and Kaiserschmarrn.

22 Frishman Street, Tel Aviv, Facebook.



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