Dinner Rush, Pop Up Restaurant, 48 Nachalat Binyamin, Tel Aviv

by Sarit Goffen | 15.12.14

Dinner Rush – a pop-up restaurant project in the heart of Tel Aviv brings back to life mythological restaurants and culinary institutions from around the country. November 17 marked the launch of Dinner Rush, a culinary Pop Up Festival that features in its six weeks of operation, the revival of different restaurants and that offer a vibrant culinary experience with a special menu, tailor made for the local diners. Each restaurant will be resurrected for one week only. Apart from hosting chefs from beloved culinary institutions from around the country, some mythological restaurant will have a temporary comeback – one of which will be Mika, by the chef Mika Sharon.

The Pop Up trend first appeared in the trend capital of the world – New York – and spread to different European cities. The trend is based on the fashion world where designers open stores for short periods of time. The trend migrated to the culinary world and offers diners the opportunity to enjoy high-end restaurants that are opened for a short period of time and the chef and entrepreneur enjoy the financial benefit of opening a temporary restaurant with a onetime affordable investment.

Behind the Dinner Rush project stands the young culinary entrepreneur Shir Eshel Machrovsky who chose to bring a unique local interpretation to the hot global trend. According to Shir, the Pop Up scene is perfect for the excitement seeking Telavivan crowed.

“Two years ago I visited a pop up restaurant and the idea captured my heart. I saw that the pop up trend is wide spread around the world but not in Israel and I’ve decided to develop my own project that will offer visitors a versatile, multi layered experience that allows everyone to enjoy their own style and have a new and exciting meal- whether from places that are less accessible to the Gush Dan public or from nostalgic times that are missed by the older crowd and that newer diners did not get to experience”.

Unfortunately I only visited the project during the 4th week ( 8.12-13.12). I visited the beloved “Mika” by Chef Mika Sharon. “Mika” opened in the late 90’s and brought fusion cooking to the Israeli Culinary scene. The restaurant was open for one week only and the chef Sharon offered a menu which featured dishes such as seared tuna with somen noodles and shitake mushrooms, crabs in coconut milk ginger chili and her famous ginger brulee.

This week, 15-20.12, at pier 23, Ben Machrovsky will open his fast food gourmet compound. For reservations 03-5469937.

Finally, the 6th week- the esteemed Haifa Bistro Vania will come to Tel Aviv for one week and will offer a menu based on local fresh produce with dishes such as kostitza inspired by Haifa’s down town tavern, and  succulent roast beef . For reservations: 04-6716272.

48 Nachalat Binyamin Street, Tel Aviv, Facebook.  



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