A Foodie Visit To Jerusalem // Mona

by Sarit Goffen | 02.10.15

The story of the well known restaurant ‘Mona’ – could easily begin with the fairy tale line “Once upon a time” – as this Jerusalem-based restaurant in its current incarnation is first and foremost the tale of a dream come true. Four bold young restaurant employees bought the restaurant in which they worked and made it their own. The four are Moshe Gamlieli, Mona’s chef when it was part of the ‘Machneyuda Group’ (A well known group in Jerusalem’s culinary scene), Itamar Navon, who started working there as a sous-chef six years ago, and partners Yam framinger and Roy Tzabag.

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This is undoubtedly a tale of young professionals; the “new young generation of chefs” who are shaping contemporary Israeli cuisine. With Gamlieli and Navon at the helm, Mona is continuously redefining itself as it evolves. Mona’s menu may be primarily inspired by the French and Italian cuisines, but provides a local interpretation based on fresh domestic produce.

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The restaurant is located inside the Jerusalem Artists’ House on Shmuel Hanagid St., the building that was once the Israel Museum’s first location. Indeed, the connection between art and food is evident in each and every one of the dishes. The building and the food create an international atmosphere, as the peaceful ambience provides an experience of gentle escape.

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Mona is without question a combination of excellent food, reasonable pricing, a pleasant atmosphere, and service that is warm and professional. Topping all these off with its location only makes it sexier.

Shmuel HaNagid 12, Jerusalem 02-622-2283


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